Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are you Ready? I have a SURPRISE FOR YOU!

We did a practice run today, and the camera NEEDS the lighting.  My 13 year old Paris uses the same camera to do makeup tutorial and other random videos upstairs in front of the window and its fine.  Something also got messed up with the settings and I can't figure it out.  I'm SO frustrated!!

However, even though this isn't very good quality, you can at least hear the monkey's voice and get the general idea of where we're heading.  We needed a practice run so that I could see what all we needed to edit besides just the lighting.  I also forgot to use our good quality microphone, too:(  However, my lights should be here tomorrow and I will adjust the sound/just use our good mic.

If you're interested in meeting Bean, here is a short "Happy Birthday" thing we just did (its not scripted or anything, just the girls and I making a happy birthday for their grandma:)

So, what did you think?  Did you like it?  Were your kids intrigued?  I obviously need some more practice, but I think I'm getting better!

Thank you for watching and don't forget to leave requests for Bean to give your child a shout out!  Just leave your child's name (and age if you want) in the comments!


  1. Fricken cute, bun! Jt & Lexi would love a shout out! Aged 6 :)

    1. I will add them to my list!:) Thank you.

  2. Dani, I did get your request and your kids names are on my list. I changed my comment form and it deleted past comments.

  3. that is a wonderful Birthday gift!!!!!!!! It gave me a great big smile and almost a tear. I love the puppet, Byn. The girls do an awsome job!!!