Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Backdrop, Planning & Painting

Okay, so the plan for the backdrop.  As I said in this post, I want to go with my color scheme from my last living room.  *Yeah, I actually changed my own mind whilst writing this post... and then changed it again!  I can't DECIDE!! continue on to see what ideas my stream of consciousness writing brought out!

I love the idea of having it in the jungle/yet modern ugh!  I'm working it out in my brain.  Continuously.

I'm trying to decide what kind of things I want to have in the background to make it original.  I guess since mine will be hand painted instead of digital images over green screen, I guess it will be different either way!

I think I may have a picture frame hanging on the wall and let my 11 year old daughter do a painting for it.  She loves to paint and does several different styles and, as you can see, she fits the "bright colors" idea!

In the future I could even have other kids send in artwork to feature on the wall!  That would be SO awesome!!  How exciting for the kids to see a painting/drawing that they made on Bean's wall!?!

What do you think?  Does that sound like a good idea?  
Until the time in which I was getting too many people sending me things, I could choose a few paintings to feature every week.  You guys, this is really starting to become a reality in my mind.  I am so excited!

Check Back later today and see if my ANXIOUSLY AWAITED PACKAGE IS HERE YET!!!

These are my color scheme ideas:  Pink & Orange bookshelves, blue & green textured walls, purple picture frames and trim (honestly, I'm going to love having colorful walls again!).

I'm feeling more than a little frustrated that I promised myself I wouldn't spend anymore money on this venture until I had the puppet done, but now I can't do the backdrop, but now I can't paint my backdrop because I need paint!!!  Ahhhh!

In other news, my dad is coming for a visit today.  We only see him a couple of times a year, but I'm telling you, if my puppet stuff comes today, our visit is going to consist of him HELPING ME BUILD A PUPPET!!!  Probably not what a dad expects to do when visiting his 40 year old daughter, eh?  Now that I think of it, my dad would make a perfect gruff Grandpa type character... Yeah, I have no end of ideas/characters for future puppets!:)

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