Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bean got his Hair Done!:) aka Making the Monkey Purple

Bean got his Hair Done!:)

Well, after all of the drama of making the puppet... my husband notes, "Oh yeah, remember how on any movie set we've been on, they say "NO WHITE" because it makes filming & lighting so much harder?"

My evil look gave him pause sweet, questioning look made him think, "Oh, I guess I should have thought of that before now, huh?"

Um, yeah.

Oh well, I am nothing if not an expert on fixing mistakes after the fact.

Thankfully, we had dye leftover from before Christmas when we died a giant white gorilla.  Phew.  Who thought you'd be reading THAT sentence today?

I poured the dye into a bowl and used paintbrushes to paint the dye on.  I was careful not to get any on the other purple parts:

Then to rub off the excess with an old cloth

Careful!  (This is not my strong suit, just fyi)

Ta Da!  Slightly less white!

Okay, fess up, have you ever dyed your hair a fabulous color like purple?  
I used to have purple AND pink... but most of the time it was just pink & white.  Don't worry, I was in my 30s, so I wasn't being all rebellious:)

If not, you can at least comment on how fabulous my hair looks:) This was a really good hair day:)


Bean the monkey has found a new home! 

Thanks to my many blogger buddies, I found the inspiration to get my own domain name! 

You can find us (and some new sneak peeks!) atwww.beansmonkeybusiness.com! I hope to see you all there!

OR, if you prefer JUST to watch the videos, you can find us on Bean's youtube Channel.


  1. Your hair IS fabulous and while I have not dyed mine any fun colors, I always dream of going royal blue. Since I'm in my 30s now, I guess I should get to it already!! :)

    Visiting from #SITS31DBBB

  2. Your hair does look fabulous!  I was never daring enough to dye it a different color.  Now much can be done with brown hair!

  3. My hair is naturally dark brown... although it is leaning more towards white naturally every year! I wore it long, brown and straight for YEARS. It was quite a change to super short, super blonde and then PINK!:)