Monday, January 9, 2012

I Had to Share!

My two youngest kids (11 & 13) LOVE the silly monkey voice.  I even started to make a puppet from a bigger Ty* beanie baby before deciding to make my own... so they beg me to do the silly monkey voice WITH the "puppet" and ask for hugs good night, etc.

They especially love how he says, "baby" so they keep asking, "Say Baby!  Say Baby!" you'd swear they were 3 years old sometimes:)  Then last night, they asked if he was ticklish and my husband joined in, wanting to hear the monkey laugh.  I could see this wasn't going to end EVER if I didn't do it, so they got some giggles at that point... and then I shut and locked my bedroom door... (Don't worry, my husband was on the inside:)

How could these sweet girls be so goofy?  I don't know.  They must get it from their father.
With their older brother Kainan

Wait.  Strike a vapid pose!

I love that my kids love each other:)
What are your bedtime routines?
I'm afraid we're starting to develop some odd habits around here.  I'm wondering if the monkey is just going to become another family member!


  1. lol... ur kids would be so happy if the monkey is going to become ur fam member,hehe... i love their photos... yup, they do look loving each other :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!:)