Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Plan. The New Purple Monkey Plan...

So, since I have gotten so involved with the monkey voice thing, and started to develop ideas for videos and I really want to have this be something I can do for a long time, make a lot of personalized videos for my friends and family, I have decided to create my own puppet.  I don't want to get kids used to the Ty* brand monkey and then have to stop using it!

I've got a rough design drawn out for my monkey, I've ordered a professional puppet making pattern and reticulated foam, bought all of the equipment and supplies... and I'm going to make my own silly monkey named, "Bean".

I also found this puppet making blog that has very detailed instructions, so I'm really excited for my stuff to get here and get started!

I got a bunch of stuff at Hobby Lobby and Lowe's yesterday and was incredibly excited to get started, when I realized I needed very specific foam:(  I found almost every other thing I needed, though!

Then I tried dying the fabric... NONE of it worked, although there is ALMOST a hint of color left.

But I at least found the fabric, and it was on a 75% off clearance rack!
The purple is for his face, hands, ears and belly, the white for the rest.  I tried to dye it, but the dye wouldn't hold:(
I plan to take requests from people, stories, songs or games that I can make personalized videos for their kids, like I did for my niece and nephews

*I've also been practicing a LOT so I can enunciate a lot better, even after just practicing for a couple of weeks.

I am going to spend my time this week making a backdrop for filming. My two actress daughters are going to be "Bean's" friends and interact for certain learning situations.

I've homeschooled all five of my kids, so I have spent a LOT of the last twenty years learning about kids, how they learn, what they enjoy, etc. I love working with kids, so I'm really looking forward to doing this!

Meet my inspirations:
Abyni "Bean" ~ my youngest, and the one who gave me the idea for the monkey in the first place, since she gave me her little Ty Beanie Baby to practice with.  She'll be acting alongside the monkey for a lot of videos as Bean's friend.

My oldest 2 kids, Sprite and Kainan

My science geek middle child, Jaedin
And my other little actress, Paris, you'll be seeing her and Abyni on a lot of the Monkey videos!  They love love love the little voice!

Let me know if you have a child that you would like to get a "shout out" and you can also let me know if the child has a favorite game, story, song and I will try to accomodate!

Thanks for reading!

If you have a moment, could you give me some input?

What are your children's favorite TV characters? What shows do you like for them to watch, and what is your favorite part about that show?

Any thoughts or opinions on what I should use as a backdrop?  Do you think I should have the monkey in his own home/room or should he be ina *cartoon-ish* type forest surrounded by leaves and color?  I'm thinking he should probably be in a room to leave him easier to relate to, especially since he'll be acting more kid like than monkey like, but I'd appreciate some input!


  1. LOOOVVVINNGG this idea! Bean is 2 cute and the voice? Darling! Now, as far as the backdrop... how about a compromise? Bean can live in the jungle in a straw hut, but that hut? Filled to the top w/all modern conveniences- our little buddy Bean is no bobo!! Can't wait to see the finished product- Best of luck to you.

  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVE that idea!! That is awesome! Thank you, you really just lit the fires of imagination!:)

    I'm finally ready to go paint!!!