Monday, January 23, 2012

Puppet Making Bonus Post: Finding the Bean

Finding my "Vision" Character

I was visualizing something sort of like this:

Okay, guys, this was SO much harder than I thought it'd be!  This poor little monkey had three or four face-lifts before I finally found the right one!  My girls literally couldn't watch the process of me cutting into the monkey.

I would wake up in the middle of the night stressing about the fact that I couldn't find 'my' bean, or I would wake up with a wonderful idea.

That STILL wasn't "it".

Remember, we started with this basic shape from the pattern.  I needed to make it more monkey like.  I wanted cute cheeks, purple around the eyes... and those were my BIGGEST challenges.

One of my earlier incarnations (that my daughter most definitely DID NOT LIKE!)

I tried making just the eye/brow area separately.

I was mostly happy with this idea, and did end up using a modified version in the end... but I was still wanting CHEEKS.

The poor thing looks a little... scary.  


I finally ended up tearing the whole brow plate off and redoing it.  I also used foam blocks that I cut into half spheres for the cheeks.  I was so incredibly excited once I saw the actual 'real' Bean coming through, that I didn't stop to take hardly ANY pictures... until he looked like THIS:

And, yes, in case you noticed, I AM having some issues with gender.  I guess I should figure it out eventually.  I feel like Bean is a boy (even though he's got the 'character' from my girly girl!) but those EYELASHES.  I guess boys have eyelashes, too:)

Okay.  I think that's settled, so here is the official announcement

It's a Boy!

Tune in tomorrow for the upcoming show schedule and a SNEAK PEEK!!


  1. Welcome to the world Bean! I've taken care of boy babies who have the most incredibly long lashes!

  2. Love the new monkey! He is quite cute :)