Thursday, January 19, 2012

Puppet Making Series: 4/5 Creating Poseable Hands!

Creating Poseable Hands!

My husband is responsible for my Bean's poseable hands!  He took on the challenge and did awesome things for me!!  Yay!  Now my Bean can pose:)
First, cut out the hand pattern in the reticulated foam.
The directions suggest an exacto knife, but for most f it, scissors were better.
The wide razor blades we bought were AWESOMELY sharp
*so much so, that I have a few new cuts from it barely bumping against my finger!  NOT a tool to use with little ones running around!

Cut the "palm" of the hand out of hard plastic.
We cut it out of a rubbermaid storage tub lid that we didn't need anymore.  That stuff is HARD.
You can also use chipboard or something like it, but it has to be HARD and it has to be THIN.

Next, you have to poke holes where the four fingers will connect to the 'palm'.  Patrick tried the exacto knife, but it broke.  I think he ended up using his pocket/carpet knife. 

Then, take your bendable wire 'fingers' and insert them into the holes.

Lastly, take your stiff wire (this needs to actually be hard to bend) and glue all wires to teh plastic using epoxy.

This will need a FULL 24 HOURS to dry.

The next day, place the wires on the top of one piece of foam.

Using more contact cement, place the other piece of foam on top and press together.

Wait 15 minutes, then place contact cement around the outside edges.

Wait ANOTHER 15 minutes, (yeah, a lot of waiting here) then squeeze the edges together.  The contact cement will leave you with a nice rounded edge.

TaDa!  Give me a hand!  Lol... I'm such a hoot!

Place the foam inside the sewn up hand pattern and you're ready to go!

Abyni getting the first hug & kiss from Bean!
You can find more information in my previous posts Making the Head & Body as well as the Making of the Mouth.

Tomorrow, we'll make the arms and legs and be ready to go!

Question of the Day:

In what way does your husband show his support for you and your hobbies/work/projects?


  1. This is AWESOME! Oh how I wish I had a crafty bone in my body. I try! I do. But inevitably I just don't keep it up. I think I lack the patience. Or attention to detail. Plus I like to be able to drink while I do my hobbies. I'd screw it all up if I were tipsy and crafting. :) Love that your hubs is supportive and a helper! Big Daddy helps me so much! He is my web guy, my IT guy and my idea guy on the website. He also does everything from dye my hair to give the girls their baths every night. Where would we be without our men?!

    1. Wow! So good to hear about another good dad:) My hubby has always been my IT guy, but now my geek 15 yo son is taking over. Its pretty awesome!:)

      I only do crafty things that I can get done fairly quickly. This was stretching my limits because it was spread out over several days because of my schedule AND it took about 12 hours total. Definitely my outer limit!

  2. Wow. These puppets are adorable!! I headed over here from the comment you made on my blog as we are fellow participants in #SITS31BBB (are those the right letters?)

    Now I want to make a puppet or twelve. I have always been very good at character voices!

  3. I've always loved doing silly voices, but I had never thought to make a puppet until my daughter handed me a stuffed animal recently and said, "Here mom, make this one talk!" and off we went! It was so much easier than I thought it would be (although the final characterizations were HARD) I highly recommend it! I hope to add a new puppet in a few months. I want to make one to go with each of my kids' personalities:)

  4. Awesome puppet!! My hubby supports my hobbies by not saying anything when I come home with more yarn/fabric. He has been known to join me at the quilt store to help me choose fabric..he is very good at choosing colors that go well together.

    1. Thank you! That is awesome to hear that your hubby is so helpful:) Thank you for stopping by!