Friday, January 20, 2012

Puppet Making Series 5/5: Arms, Legs & Tail!

Arms, Legs & Tail!

Oh my word.  I was AWFUL about taking photos during this part!  I don't know if I was just distracted or in a hurry to finish.  Knowing me, it was a little, or rather a lot of BOTH!  Forgive me for this slightly scattered post.  I will soon be on such a roll... that... holy cow.  I just forgot what I was going to say.  I need to stop thinking when I type!

This was what the kids called "Zombie Monkey"

I cut out the feet pattern pieces...

And then added monkey "toes"

The arms, legs and tail were all basically long rectangles that I sewed up length wise.  The legs flared a little bit at the bottom, but that was it.  Pretty basic, really, so I guess that's why I didn't think to take pictures.

 Boy, did the hands look weird before they were stuffed!

I stuffed the feet with batting...after having to start over when I sewed the feet on wrong:(

After they were stuffed, I had to tuck the ends of the fabric in and pin it to hopefully make it so that when I stitched the feet up, they weren't all lumpy!

We used a wire hanger to slide inside the tail.  We tried other wire, but it was SO heavy.  And the hanger actually bends easier, too.

 Here is my hubby demonstrating the poseable hands he made me.  He's so proud:)

Um... no, honey.  This is a children's puppet.

I took the poseable hands and hand stitched them onto a white "sleeve". 
I used some of this rolled up like a pinwheel and hot glued the edges to slide into the arm and leg "sleeves" for a little bit of padding, and to help them stay a little more firm/in shape.

I then hand sewed the arms and legs onto the body!

Ta Da!!!

Come back next week to see how we made the set and finished up with this adorable little monkey!

I'll also be posting about the scheduling and filming of the show... and maybe even a SNEAK PEEK!

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