Monday, January 16, 2012

Puppet Making Series: Part 1/5 Foam head & Body

Puppet Making
Forming the Foam Body & Head

I ordered a puppet making pattern for my own reference, even though I planned to customize the puppet, I wanted to at least have the base of the puppet from the patter so I hopefully wouldn't mess up from the very start.

My reticulated foam and pattern from project puppet
It came at a very frustrating time.  My dad was visiting, I had to take my son to work, then my daughter to babysit... things just kept getting in the way.  What I really wanted to do was just sit and build the puppet until it was DONE.  I was not in the mood to leave the house and do responsible things!  I wanted to stay home and have fun:)  Alas, I actually AM a grown up with responsibilities, so I left.

This means that I've only had about 5-6 hours to work on her thus far.  (She was a "he", but when I got to the eyes, they needed a little something, so I think she's a girl now:)


1st Abyni, Paris and I cut out the pattern pieces and laid them out on the foam and fabric.

I was a little confused at first and ended up cutting some things out of foam that were only supposed to be cut from fabric.  That's what I get for being in a hurry and not paying attention.  It was all good in the end, though.

Purple monkey feet!!!

NEXT is was time for HOT GLUE & Building the Core for the Body
Which, btw, burns.  A lot.  Especially when you keep getting it on your hands repeatedly!

I took the six body pieces, and hot glued them together two at a time.
I only glued half at a time, because holy beans, it takes hot glue a LONG TIME to finally set up and cool off!

Then I took those sets of two together to form the body core.

Seriously, this is a simple concept, it wasn't that hard to do... except that I am SO impatient!!  I got annoyed at having to sit there and hold things for "so long"... and I'm sure it wasn't THAT long, but still.

*again, hot glue is HOT.
 NEXT is was time for The 'Skull'
This shape created 1/4th of a sphere.  I made two.

Gluing those two together, made the top of the puppet head.

Have I mentioned that hot glue is hot?  Because it is!

TOMORROW:  We'll show you how to make the puppet's mouth, assemble the head and start on the fabric covering!

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