Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Puppet Making Series: Part 2/5 Mouth & Head Assembly

The Mouth & Head
You can find the previous post about making the head/skull & body/belly HERE

Wow, was this hit and miss!  Looking at it, it looked super simple, easy to understand.  I hadn't bought foam core board, because we ALWAYS have foam core board sitting around.  

Which, of course, meant that THIS time we didn't have any.

Oh well, I am a genius at making something out of nothing, breaking the rules, working around an issue.  I knew that I had this down.

I was wrong.

Here I am, I am certain that some hard carbdoard will do the same thing, right?
Sheesh.  See how easy that was?  I'm like a boss.  (Forgive me, almost all of my kids are teenagers)

For your reference, the cardboard is supposed to be equally as thick as the foam surrounding it.

Huh.  Definite Fail.

Ah HA!  All is not lost.  I am on the BALL.

I decide to just give up and use regular cardboard glued together to the correct width, because yes, I am that bad about NOT wanting to drive to town for yet ANOTHER thing.
Then, after these long hours (or minutes, I guess) my daughter Paris finally finds the foam core board that I KNEW we had.

At least I was right about something.

Those puppet making pros know what they're talking about.  This was SO easy.
Cut out two half circles, stack them and use duct tape to tape along the straight edge.

Unfold, making sure the tape sticks to the sides and goes down into the groove, like so:

Then you add the reticulated foam around the outside.  This gives you foam that is useful for pinning things to later, once its covered with fur/fabric.

Now we're ready for more hot glue (again, hot glue is hot, and sticks to acrylic nails like you wouldn't believe!  Don't get it on your fingers OR your nails:)  Squeeze hot glue in between the foam core and the reticulated foam.
Do this from both sides, and use plenty of glue.  You have to get it covered thoroughly because the last thing you want is your puppet core falling apart after its all covered with fur/fabric.

Now bend your mouth at the hinge and put hot glue on the TOP reticulated foam ONLY:

The skull (with the seam in the middle lined up with the middle of the top 'lip') is hot glued to the mouth plate.

There you go!

What are your kids' favorite children's Character?  Do you like the character that they got the most attached to?  

My youngest daughter LOVED Elmo, and honestly, I couldn't stand the voice after a while. 

Once we drove to Iowa from Oklahoma and it was 117 degrees.  Our van's A/C went out after an hour on the road, and at the time, Abyni was not quite 1.  She cried if we turned off the Elmo cassette.  (Yes, I said cassette, the girl is eleven now!:) and cried so hard that she turned red.  It was ALREADY 120 degrees in the van, we were ALL already miserable and hot, so we listened to Elmo for TWELVE HOURS.  "Elmo you can drive my car..." still makes me twinge.


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