Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Puppet Making Series: Part 3/5: Creating the "skin"

Creating the Puppet "Skin"
You can find more information in my previous posts Making the Head & Body as well as the Making of the Mouth.
Paris helping cut out the pattern for the white 'furry' fabric.

The Head & Mouth
First I sewed up the 'cover' for the head and mouth piece.  Two pieces, this shape, sewn together with a hole for the mouth and for the neck.

Turn it inside out and roll over the reticulated foam head & mouth from YESTERDAY

The head at this step was SO adorable, I am definitely making a puppet with this final head shape at some point.  It was SO cute... but not a monkey:(

Then Adding the black (adhesive felt) and the purple 'lips' (that I ended up removing later)

A pink felt tongue and I was done (for now) And yes, I look somewhat crappy.  I was exhausted and needed a shower, but I Had.To.Get.This.Done.

The Body
The pieces were the same shape as the body foam core from YESTERDAY

Sewn together in the same way, and rolled over the foam 'belly'

Line up in place with the seams of the fabric matching the seams of the foam.

Attach the head to the body.  (I was able to remove the body covering and sew part of the head and body together with the machine.  I don't follow directions well, so I often find myself going back and redoing things)

My "Mini Me" daughter doing some hand sewing for me... sewing the back of the head and body together)

Ta Da!  
We're done for the Day!
It has been a long day in front of the sewing machine and I am ready for BED!  Too much adrenaline for me today.  It is SO exciting to see this coming together so well!!

Question of the Day:

What do YOU get excited about?  Do you have a hobby, a project, something you do for fun?
I got so excited during the making of this puppet, I was literally often shaking from the adrenaline!  My husband would force me to stop for a minute and breathe... then go do something physical.  Otherwise the emotional and physical crash would have been so much worse.  Holy cow!  

Do you go crazy with excitement over something, or is it just me!?


  1. Yes I go crazy with excitement when I make something. Ive been know to paint, knit and draft (buildings) into the wee wee hours. And didn't notice my DH pull into our driveway while working on a painting a canvas in said driveway.

    I totally understand!

    1. Awesome! We have something in common, I could definitely have the whole world disappear and not notice as long as my project was still in front of me!

  2. I love this idea! So cute, original and creative. I look forward to hearing more as the story continues to unfold

    1. Thank you! I actually have two weeks worth of posts written and scheduled and am waiting impatiently for pay day so that I can order my lighting kit and start filming!!