Thursday, January 26, 2012

Set Work: Building, Day 2

Set Work:  Day 2, Finishing Up

Before vs. After

My wonderful, awesome hubby helping me out.  Again.  On one of his few days off.
He's going to take the canvas I painted yesterday and put it on the wall (we rent, so we're not allowed to paint the walls, or they'd already be that color!:)

I hung the frames that the girls and I painted, along with a painting done by Abyni on stretched canvas.  I'm getting ready to add some more of the kids artwork that we've had on our walls for YEARS that my husband refuses to let me take down because he loves those particular drawings/paintings so much.

I plan to have the kids who watch the show send me some new paintings/pictures to hang in my empty frames as well as switching out some of the pictures that are already there.  Ugh.  Its going to drive me nuts.  I'm going to have to switch out the blue frame for a green one.  I didn't realize just HOW MUCH blue is on that wall!

Abyni and Bean hanging out on set.

And here is (most of) my family playing games in the evening while the "set" is compacted to the side for daily living.  Yay!  It all works!

Question of the Day:
Do you play family games with your kids?  What is your favorite family game and why?

Mine is Catch Phrase.  I'm not sure if I actually love the game, or the fact that my 15 yer old son is so hilarious at it.  He uses 'phrases' that he insists are idioms and he always gets them slightly wrong so no one can guess what he's trying to say.  It results in hilarity unlike anything I've seen during our family game nights (and that is saying a LOT!)

See you Tomorrow when I show you my plan for the show debut:)


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  2. I love this, me and Mac have to watch your show. He loves videos! When we do, I will be sure to take a picture for you! 

  3. Thanks, I actually moved my blog to my own domain yesterday, so you can get updated videos at Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to getting your pictures!