Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Set Work! Painting Day 1

Thanks to bizarrely WARM weather, we took a couple of days from puppet making to work on outside painting projects for the 'set' (Ie: my living room).  

I'll get back to the final touches on the monkey Bean on Wednesday after finishing up on the set.

Since we live in a rental house, I can't paint the walls.  My mom came to the rescue with a bunch wooden frames that she bought super cheap and a huge roll of primed canvas.

Next came my favorite living room colors from our old house:
I call these my Monsters, Inc Colors:

Painting with my daughter Abyni

And Paris, who thought it was too cold outside

Oh wait, mom was right, it IS warm enough outside!:)

This canvas is the start of the wall covering that will take over one wall of the set:

Ta Da!!  It is BEAUTIFUL!!

Question of the Day:

What do you most enjoy doing with your child(ren)?

I read a comment once about mom's at the park, sitting in their cars instead of playing with their kids.  It made me realize (again) that I don't "play" with my kids.  I never did.  My husband did.  He loved blocks, trains and Legos as much as the kids.  Before we had boys, I got more than one photo of him with clip on earrings, shawls and beads on as he let our daughter dress him up for tea.  He was always the one in the pool with the kids, racing around the park... I was the teacher.  I cooked with them, did arts and crafts with them.  Since we homeschool, I taught them most of their subjects.

I don't think that there is a wrong or right, really.  We both bonded and connected with our kids the way that worked for us.  What's your style?  Do you "play" or "create"?  Do you make projects together or just have fun just to have fun?  Do you clean together (definitely not my gift!)

Let me know!  I love hearing about other parents perspective on things like these!

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