Monday, January 9, 2012

What Makes a Good Children's Show?

My questions at the end of yesterday's post made me really start thinking, "What DOES make a children's show really good?"  My googlefu took off with the idea and I found this great article on What Makes a Good Children's Show?

The first thing that really caught my eye was, "First – Color. Vibrancy." I'm thinking I'm going to get the same colors for my backdrop that I had in my last house (my "Monster's Inc" colors!) to go well with the purple of my monkey and it offers plenty of vibrancy.  People used to tell me that my last house looked like something out of a children's show anyway.  I wish we still lived there!

colorful room decorating
colorful room decorating
colorful room decorating

I'm still kind of working out how to make the "set" exactly.  I need something easily portable, because I live in an already tiny house and I don't have room for a "stage" anywhere.  I'm thinking of just having a large piece of canvas for the backdrop, and then just rolling it up when I'm done and just leave it attached to the ceiling, but I still need some way for the monkey to be on when I'm being hidden behind something.  I need to go watch some old Sesame Street, because I really don't want to have to mess with green screen right now!  (Thoughts?  How can I make a 'set' for the puppeteering so that I'm not seen, but I can see well enough to interact with the other kids and the camera?)

The next thing that he talked about?  Having a theme song... How could I forget that?  I LOVE music, and I love singing!  Its crazy to me that I didn't think of that.  I must get out the guitar!  I'm going to find it really funny if *this* is what finally gets me to stick with the guitar once and for all!!

Anyway, I guess I'll let you go for now... tomorrow I'll post some theme song ideas!

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